CAPPA New Parent Educator Training Toronto Ontario August 9 & 10

CAPPA New Parent Educator Training Toronto Ontario August 9 & 10

09 Aug 08:30 - 10 Aug 18:30 - Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

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Baby Care classes have been around for years, but this isn’t your “Basics of Baby Care” educator training. This program is designed for the modern educator who wants to help equip adults to sort through the information overload coming to them through the internet, social media, advice from family and friends, and their care providers.

All parents want to provide the best for their baby, but there aren’t always easy answers to questions like, “'How do I soothe my baby?" and "How do I help my baby sleep?" Sometimes new parents don’t even know what questions they will need answers to – such as, "How will the new baby affect my relationship with my partner?” and “How can we keep our relationship strong?"

Leaving behind lecture and offering parents learning activities, New Parent Educators give parents access to evidence that will increase their confidence and competence in parenting, providing opportunities for them to integrate their own beliefs and culture with the most up to date information about babies and prepare for the adjustment to parenting life.

New Parent Educators can be found working in a variety of different settings, helping educate new families. Many work at hospitals teaching Baby Care classes, some work in community clinics that support new parents, and others work within care provider offices or in private settings. But they all share the common goal of assisting and equipping families to make educated decisions about their babies.

If you are looking to add new parent education to your childbirth or breastfeeding classes--and want a certification that illustrates your commitment to non-judgmental, evidence-based education--the New Parent Educator program is for you. If you are already a prenatal educator, the activities and learning scenarios in this training will give you fresh ideas for your classes, increasing engagement and reinforcing your role as a facilitator of the learning process. If you are a birth or postpartum doula who wants to support new parents to make confident decisions, the New Parent Educator program will provide many ways to approach the hard questions that parents ask you every day. Whether you are a nurse on the postpartum floor caring for families in the tender newborn period, a Healthy Family home visitor educating families one on one, or a WIC Certifier working with young families to help them gain skills for confident parenting, the topics covered in the New Parent Educator program will inspire and equip you to both challenge and comfort new and expectant parents.

• CAPPA certification and policies
• Practical application of Scope of Practice, Ethics, and Integrity
• Evidence Based Practices
• Teaching to Adult Learners
• The Newborn – Characteristics, Procedures, Feeding, and Care
• Soothing the Newborn
• SUIDS/SIDS and Safe Sleep
• Parental Relationships After Baby
• Postpartum Expectations for the Woman
• Postpartum Expectations for the Partner/Non-Birth Parent
• Preparing the Home and Family
• Specialty Class Ideas
• Curriculum Development
• Business development, marketing, and networking
• And much more!

Early Bird (through May 9) 500.00 USD
Regular Pricing (May 9 - July 9) 550.00 USD
Late Registration (After July 9) 600.00 USD

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There are no refunds except upon cancellation of the class by the instructor, Laura Nance. Registration may be transferred to another training with Laura Nance within 12 months of the original training date with approval from Laura Nance and by paying a $50.00 transfer fee. There are not refunds of monies if you fail to transfer to another training within the 12 month period. No non-reundable travel plans should be made until the course has been confirmed by the instructor 14 days from the training date. If any non-refundable travel plans prior to course confirmation by Laura Nance, and the training is cancelled, Laura Nance is not responsible for any expenses incurred. In the event of inclement weather or other issues that make it impossible for Laura Nance to hold the training, a make-up date will be scheduled. Laura Nance is not responsible for any travel expenses incurred.

For more information about the New Parent Educator including the certification steps

Questions? Contact Laura (828) 446-6705

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