Authentic to the Core Retreat

Authentic to the Core Retreat

09 Nov 18:30 - 11 Nov 14:00 - Onanole
Elkhorn Resort Spa & Conference Centre


A weekend immersion that focuses on who you are and your gifts.

Most of us have fleeting ideas of who we are or what we want to invest our time in but they remain just that ... FLEETING. After all, who has time to intentionally get clear about who we are and what we want to create.

As someone who has participated and led this incredible exploration numerous times, I have learned that understanding who you are is more than writing in a journal a few times or taking a 'me day' once in a while. It's about first getting clear on what it means to be authentic, letting go of what's in the way and taking the uninterrupted time to explore and then declare who you are and how you want to live.

That's why I'm leading this one of a kind AUTHENTIC TO THE CORE RETREAT - to give you the space you need to intentionally define who you are and give you tools to live in alignment with your true self.

**CLARITY about your values and goals so you’ll know when to say yes and when to say no without doubts or guilt. (Let's get rid of that limiting word ... should!)
** IMPROVED and CONNECTED relationships
**Greater overall SUCCESS in life.
** More PEACE of mind.
** More SELF-CONFIDENCE and a great sense of SELF WORTH
**A life plan that’s in ALIGNMENT with your true nature.
**An ENTIRE WEEKEND focused entirely on YOU. The very thing you keep saying you'll do for yourselves but never do! Oh and did I mention you don't have to COOK, CLEAN or take care of ANYONE ELSE this weekend! AND THERE IS A SPA :)

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Important Note: Because of the powerful exploration we do in this weekend, there are only 20 spots available. They fill up FAST, so please act quickly.

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