Karuna Reiki Level One Practitioner and Level One Masters Class

Karuna Reiki Level One Practitioner and Level One Masters Class

16 Jun 10:00 - 17 Jun 15:00 - Leduc
Sundra Healing

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If you are looking for the next amazing step on your Reiki Journey, we invite you to join us on the path of Karuna Reiki!

Karuna Reiki® is an advanced form of Reiki healing and is the next step after completing Usui Reiki Master training. Karuna reiki is a highly evolved system of healing that is able to provide healing for physical illnesses, environmental stresses and emotional concerns resulting from modern lifestyles. The word Karuna is derived from Sanskrit and means compassionate action taken to diminish and alleviate the suffering of humanity. Karuna Reiki helps to bring you back into perfect alignment with your true self and divine universal compassion to allow for deep healing. Not only does Karuna Reiki stimulate your body’s natural healing response through deep relaxation, it also helps to create harmony to facilitate healing your life by releasing old patterns, emotional wounds and fears allowing you to move forward, be healthy and to thrive in your life. Karuna Reiki was developed by William Lee Rand for the International Center for Reiki Training and is one of the most compassionate healing modalities available.

Cost: $1000 + GST

Register online www.sundrahealing.com/classes or call 587-274-1800

Karuna Reiki assists with:
• stimulating the body’s natural healing response and deep relaxation
• healing from past traumas
• releasing and healing cellular memory creating dis-ease
• release of deep fears and phobias
• stimulating learning ability, comprehension and communication
• releasing self defeating patterns and habits
• creating new healthy habits for well-being
• relationship healing and releasing co-dependence
• boosting creativity and manifesting goals
• bringing peace and creating trust in oneself and trust in life
• releasing past life/karmic issues and ancestral healing

Boyd Campbell has studied Karuna Reiki directly from the developer himself; William Lee Rand in Hana, Maui, Hawaii.

This is a two day course with the first day covering Karuna Level One Practitioners and the second day covering the Karuna Level One Masters.



I hope you don't mind my need to share with you and Rebekkah. I hope I spelled that right! When I entered your store for the first time I had only ever experienced reiki in a sample like format. During reflexology spa parties and things of that nature. At no point did I realize how truly defining this practice would become for my life in a matter of days. I was drawn to your store by a simple "things you may like" post on face book. I see completely the reason why now. I have done some research of my own and a lot of reading, William Rand is an amazing person it seems, and I'm so blessed to have been led to people that have learned from him directly. He shared a link on explaining reiki to Christians which was so helpful to me. Although I am not a Christian, I have many friends who are, and the ability to share this beautiful form of healing is important to me.
I have experienced everything from tingling on my head to burning hands and hives all over. I am able to smell, see and hear more clearly, and in a different way. I have a whole life time of learning to do, and I am so glad that reiki is now apart of my journey. I thank you both so much for your introduction to something truly pure and life changing in more ways than I can count. Not only are you teaching people a practice that helps to heal ourselves and others, the inner light you both have is so bright a person can't help but want the two of you to be apart of their journey. This is just the beginning for me, but I am so happy it started at Sundra.
Love and Light,
Tammy T
Apr 8th,
Boyd and Rebekkah, just thought I would share an interesting update with you both. I was diagnosed with thyroid disease as well as rheumatoid arthritis about 10 years ago. Over the last 6 months I have changed many things in my life. The biggest changes being a mostly organic plant based diet, herbal remedies and reiki. I went to the doctor today for some bloodwork results, and my rheumatoid factor is almost normal, the inflammation in my body is almost that of a normal person!! My thyroid levels have balanced with no adjustment to medication! My doc was mystified. I however am not mystified, I'm grateful and feeling like these things have worked for me and they can work for others. I am overjoyed and thought I would share this positive news:)
Becki L
I had absolutely no idea what I was in for when I found sundra healing. The day I came for level 1 reiki I had little knowledge on what reiki really was. I have been spiritual for years and always believed greater healing existed beyond my knowledge. Sundra healing is the most amazing beautiful environment for growthwithin yourself. Boyd and nichole are amazing teachers. There love and compassion for others is endless. Imagine a place where you walk through that door and all negativity leaves you, suddenly you feel weightless and free to be who you really are and truly feel and know anything is possible. The guidance and teaching I have recieved is above and beyond what I had ever expected. :) thanks guys you are awsome! had absolutely no idea what I was in for when I found sundra healing. The day I came for level 1 reiki I had little knowledge on what reiki really was. I have been spiritual for years and always believed greater healing existed beyond my knowledge. Sundra healing is the most amazing beautiful environment for growth.
Ann W
All I know...is that when the student is ready...the teacher will appear...through a twist of fate...Boyd and Nikole appeared...thank you for your open arms, knowledge and gift of spirit...keepin the groove...truly blessed and grateful...thank you
Nicole P
I would like to thank Boyd for all he has done. You truly are an amazing loving person. Since the first time I stepped foot in Sundra I felt welcomed, accepted and loved. I feel so grateful to have met you and to be able to share this wonderful journey with not only you but many other wonderful people I have met so far. Level 1 reiki was my first step in a new direction and I look forward to whatever comes next! Xx Thank you for Sundra Healing and Wellness Center.
Upon entering this divine sanctuary of love, happiness and peace, you are instantly uplifted, transported to a more positive frame of mind. The healing has already begun. Whether you plan to experience the wondrous effects and benefits of Reiki, meet like-minded individuals to share your life journey with or be it mere curiosity, Sundra Healing has all of your awakened needs. It is a true treasure waiting to be discovered by you - and only you.
Jason N
I went to Sundra Healing to see if Reiki could help with my painful knees, neck and back, and also for my emotional issues. I had never experienced Reiki before; and was not to sure on what it was all about. Boyd was quite accommodating and helped me understand what Reiki was all about and how it works to heal on manylevels and many ways. By the time of the end of my session the swelling in my knee had gone down quite a bit and the pain in my back and neck had subsided. Reiki has helped me with my physical pain, but has also helped me learn to relax; I have suffered from night terrors, stress and anxiety for many years, and in the last couple of months since receiving Reiki, it has all been increasingly getting better. I am very thankful to have discovered Reiki; I am feeling so much better. Thanks Boyd! And thank you Sundra Healing.
Robin D
I would have never thought a few days that I'd walk into a place, and have my life change. Last night and today, learning Reiki from Boyd. It was life changing and amazing, I will definatily be spending much more time at Sundra Healing!!Boyd is kind, and confident, and calming and encouraging! Very special person and place. My heart is full of happiness tonight! Thank you Boyd, Thank you Sundra Healing!
Joelle K
Sundra Healing is a cozy, peaceful place of tranquility.
Now having finished my Reiki Level three, I Thank You Boyd, I have learned so much from you about the ego, mind and soul on so many levels! No words can express my gratitude. Seeing so many people begin to heal has been an amazing, gratifying experience.such a soulful experience. I am so excited to continue on this amazing, spiritual journey.
Also I am so grateful for the many amazing souls I have learned with and from.
Nicolas L
Sundra healing as a whole is completely welcoming and loving, ive never felt more at home than this magical shop filled with the unexpected. Boyd is a genuine healer, not healing for material abundance but a heart felt desire to help others down their paths and I believe that is what makes Sundra Healing different :) Thank you for guiding me along the journey!

Cancellation Policy:

A minimum deposit of $300 is required to register. The balance is due in full two weeks prior to class. All monies paid are non-refundable.

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