Day 3,4,5 Body Mind Analysis, Joints and Feet

Day 3,4,5 Body Mind Analysis, Joints and Feet

13 Jul 09:00 - 15 Jul 18:00 - Cochrane
Multidimensional Health


Day 3,4,5 - Body Mind Analysis & Joints.
Friday, July 13 to Sunday July 15.
9am- 6pm daily or as required.

Body Mind Analysis© - 2 Days - Focus ~ Balance ~ Structure creates Performance!

Conduct and perform analysis of personality potential characteristics in the body and mind
The Centre Core energy (Psyche - Spirit) and the response of the outer sheath (body) is the core element in Psychosomatic Therapy. This is where major changes occur!

* Learn simple techniques to let go of the past and learn to live in the present.
* Experience Self awareness, confidence and self image and self esteem.
* Restore posture and balance for enhanced performance.
* How does physiological structure determine health and fitness?
* Body mind analysis is a diagnostic tool for the study of the issues in the tissues in each
chakra area or energy center in the bodymind.
* Study the degree of self awareness, the condition and function of the physical body.
* Identify and eliminate discomfort, stress and ‘dis-ease’ by recognising the quality and
quantity of flesh and muscle tone that indicate the psychosomatic conditions and the
source of its creation.
* Bone structure, the height, width and depth of the various areas all tell a story about
the growth and maturity.

Create a healthy body that can fulfill the Soul’s purpose!

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